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Tips for Coping with Postpartum Depression


Postpartum Depression pic
Postpartum Depression
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An accomplished mental health professional, Dr. Carol Lynn Childers brings more than three decades of experience to her role as a consulting psychiatrist at Chicago-area organizations Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare and Healthcare Alternative Systems. Dr. Carol Lynn Childers works with patients suffering from a variety of serious illnesses, including those experiencing postpartum depression.

A condition affecting approximately one in every eight new mothers, postpartum depression can include symptoms such as mood swings, confused thinking, and other signs of depression. While psychotherapy is often the recommended treatment for postpartum depression, women can supplement therapy with other coping strategies:

Self Care: Between taking care of the new baby and social visits from friends and family, the weeks and months after giving birth is an incredibly busy time. Though it might feel like shirking your responsibilities, experts recommend finding some time for yourself during this period, whether that means going for a walk on your own or simply taking a long bath.

Exercise: Studies have indicated that exercise may be beneficial for women with postpartum depression. Though you may feel too exhausted for a strenuous workout, even light exercise such as yoga or pushing a stroller can have a positive effect.

Connect with Others: When you’re struggling with postpartum depression, social activities may seem overwhelming. However, research has consistently shown that connecting with other mothers to talk about the emotions you are experiencing, either through support groups or one-on-one chats, can make a big difference in your mental health.